The Blues – Nestbox 2.0

Nestbox 2.0

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New home, new nestbox

We changed residences since last year, and we left the old nestbox behind on the off-chance that one of the birds from last year will move back in.  Therefore our new home needed a home for bluebirds.  We had seen them around the yard since we moved, so we knew there was a good chance someone would move in.

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Hiking – AT NOBO – Washington Monument to Ensign Cowall Shelter (Wolfsville Road)

View from Black Rock - 04-03-2021

Distance: 12 miles

Hike Time: 5.75 hours

Elevation Gain: 1,500 feet


This may be the most challenging section in Maryland. That’s not saying much since Maryland is fairly flat. There are a few moderate climbs in this section, but the real challenge is the rocky terrain.

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Hiking – AT NOBO – Crampton Gap to Washington Monument

Washington Monument - 03-27-2021

Distance: 9.2 Miles

Hike Time: 4 hours

Elevation Gain: 1,500 feet

Starting off where we left off on our last Northbound hike of the AT, we continued toward the Washington Monument (not the one in Washington DC). The “original” Washington Monument was first built in 1827 and is located near Boonesboro, Maryland within Washington Monument State Park.

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