Hiking – Appalachian Trail – Ashby Gap to Trumbo Hollow (Interstate 66)

11 Mile Section hike from Ashby Gap (US Route 50) to Trumbo Hollow (Interstate 66). It is not a very strenuous hike. There are two big climbs but otherwise the terrain is relatively flat. You will pass by two trail shelters and a few viewpoints located slightly off the trail.

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Another weekend backpacking in Dolly Sods – Blackbird Knob and Red Creek Gorge

Red Creek next to camp - 10-10-2020

Total Distance: 9 miles (plus wandering)

Dolly Sods Trail Map

Route Map

Elevation Gain: ~1,500 feet

It was time for a long overdue hike into the woods. 2020 has been a strange year to say the least. It seemed like something came up every time I tried to make plans for a long-term trip. And at this point “long-term” is anything longer than a weekend.

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Why go outside in the cold?

Recently I started working a job where I get to be outside most of the day. One thing I noticed is that working outside makes me much happier. Perhaps the high amount of sunlight is preventing seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which I believe impacted me in my last office job. I have heard that SAD can be treated with “light therapy”, where you sit near a special light that simulates sunlight.

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