Japan – Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara – Packing List

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  • Itinerary
  • Tickets (planes, trains, etc.)
  • Maps/locations of hotels and sites to see


Kansai International Airport - 10-28-19
Travelers at Kansai International Airport (Osaka): transportation is very organized and easy to use for foreigners

The weather is pretty mild in Osaka/Kyoto in October. We had some heavy rain on a few days so a rain jacket was helpful. It seemed like every shop was selling umbrellas when it was raining (and not price gouging). Even if you forget rain-gear, they have you covered.

Togetsu-kyō Bridge in the rain - 10-25-19
Everyone carries an umbrella in Japan – Togetsu-kyō Bridge in the rain
  • lightweight jacket
  • Tee-shirts (2) – 1 polo 1 regular
  • Long sleeve shirts (2)
  • Long pants (2)
  • shorts (2)
  • socks (5)
  • underwear (5)
  • Sun Hat (foldable) – I got a cheap one from Columbia
  • Sunglasses
  • Rain layer: Jacket (with hood) and rain pants


Osaka hotel amenities - 10-19-19
Included with one of our hotel rooms in Osaka

Most hotels in Japan include a lot of the basics including just about everything on this list. After our second hotel, I felt like we didn’t have to pack anything in this list.

  • Wallaby toiletry organizer (for Lily – I’m not even going to try for her toiletry list, but it all fit in here)
  • toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
  • deodorant
  • basic first aid (e.g. tweezers and antibiotic gel)
  • travel size soap/shampoo (concentrated soap is good to have to wash clothes on the road too)

Little Things:

  • ziploc bags
  • packable daypack
  • some snacks
  • water bottle
  • travel tissue packs
  • wet wipes/hand sanitizer
  • concentrated soap (for showering or laundry)
  • carabineer(s)


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