USA – California and Southwest Adventure (2019)

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This exploration was focused on the outdoors, expecially the mountain ranges and coastal areas of California. Traveling by car from East Coast to West Coast, I toured for 2 months along the route West, and then around the Western states. To summarize: over 12,000 miles driven, 15 national parks, 12 national forests, and dozens of landmarks and other public lands in the process.

Redwood National Park - Lady Bird Johnson Grove
Coastal California – Redwood National Park

After reaching California, I spent the entire month of July in the Golden State; primarily in the Sierra Nevada, along the Pacific Coast, and in the Mojave Desert. I proceeded into the Southwest via Death Valley, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and into Colorado.

After almost 2 weeks in the Four Corners I flew home for a few days and then back to California. It was a little back-and-forth logistically, but something kept drawing me to the landscapes of the American West.

RTT setup outside Jenner
RTT setup outside of Jenner, CA

Before starting from the East Coast I slapped a Roof Top Tent (RTT) on top of my car (See my review here!). The RTT was an economical and unique method of exploring the country and it was a great way to experience some of the best “nature” spots in the US.


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