Waymarked Trails – The best free trail data on the web

It's the best (and easiest to use) trail data that is completely free to use and download.  You haven't heard of it?  Well allow me to introduce you. Disclaimer: All of the screenshots provided are from the Waymarked Trails website and I do not claim ownership of any of their content. I am merely a …

iOverlander – How to find a place to stay on the fly

This post is about the iOverlander App. It is the best tool I know of that finds you free or very cheap places to stay when traveling and exploring the outdoors. It's geared toward RV travel, but it can be very useful for finding places when traveling by car, van, bike, or even walking. Many …

Why go outside in the cold?

Recently I started working a job where I get to be outside most of the day. One thing I noticed is that working outside makes me much happier. Perhaps the high amount of sunlight is preventing seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which I believe impacted me in my last office job. I have heard that SAD …

Ticks, and why to check for them

A day after my previous exploration, I discovered what most outdoorsmen/women fear discovering a day after a hike: ticks. I found not one but two ticks near my, how do you say it, nether regions. The second of which I actually found two days later, which goes to show: even after a thorough search, these …

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