Exploring – Green Ridge State Forest by truck

It appears that winter is already over. In fact it seems like it’s been over for a month. It’s been unseasonably warm with temperatures in the 70s on multiple days in Maryland. I suppose I didn’t take my own advice all that much this winter to go outside in the cold, but we wrapped up the winter with a great trip to Western Maryland.

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Paddling – 2 days through the ICW, Indian River, and Atlantic Ocean

Gear List

I know what you are thinking: Delaware, how exotic! It’s not a tropical paradise, but in the summer, the Delaware beaches have a lot to offer if you are looking for water adventures. The beaches are the main attraction of course, but across the highway there are some sparsely explored bays, rivers, and canals that offer a peaceful relief from the summer crowds.

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The C&O Canal Towpath – biking North in two days

The C&O Towpath (trail) is 184.5 miles long and runs parallel to the Potomac River and the partially-completed Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. It runs from Washington DC to Cumberland MD (it never made it to the Ohio River). I have a history with this trail. On two occasions I have attempted to complete the entire trail from start to finish. Both times I failed due to poor preparation. I was overly prepared this time around.

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