Exploring – Green Ridge State Forest by truck

It appears that winter is already over. In fact it seems like it's been over for a month. It's been unseasonably warm with temperatures in the 70s on multiple days in Maryland. I suppose I didn't take my own advice all that much this winter to go outside in the cold, but we wrapped up …

Paddling – 2 days through the ICW, Indian River, and Atlantic Ocean

Gear List I know what you are thinking: Delaware, how exotic! It's not a tropical paradise, but in the summer, the Delaware beaches have a lot to offer if you are looking for water adventures. The beaches are the main attraction of course, but across the highway there are some sparsely explored bays, rivers, and …

The C&O Canal Towpath – biking North in two days

The C&O Towpath (trail) is 184.5 miles long and runs parallel to the Potomac River and the partially-completed Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. It runs from Washington DC to Cumberland MD (it never made it to the Ohio River). I have a history with this trail. On two occasions I have attempted to complete the entire …

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