Communication is good, so is preparation

I was very slow to adopt to the smart phone. I just got one last year. I suppose my reservations would be that I would get absorbed by the phone or the government would track me.

But the world we live in is amazing. I am writing this blog with my smartphone. How connected everything is!

With our communication becoming more and more digital, it seems like people are talking less and less. I say this because I found it so difficult to tell ANYONE that I was doing this bike ride. I told my girlfriend about this bike trip 3 days ago and I just told my parents today…and I’m leaving tomorrow! That went over well, on both accounts.

At the end of the day we shouldn’t be afraid to tell people about ourselves, especially the people closest to us. Who else can you talk to if you can’t talk to them?

Ok enough sappiness.

I awoke early this morning to swap out my bottle cages and add my new Brooks saddle to the Troll. I also stopped at the local bike shop for a saddle bag and an extra water bottle.

I’m finishing packing this evening after a relaxing day of test-riding, beach, and pizza.

This afternoon I crafted some free fenders (another brilliant suggestion from Rob) from a plastic bottle and plastic lid from grocery store BBQ ribs. I think they give the bike some personality. We will see how long that lasts.

Tomorrow I depart from Bethany Beach boardwalk. I am a purist when it comes to touring. I was planning on biking around the Chesapeake Bay and into PA as I did a few years ago. However I am on a bit of a time crunch so I plan to bike to the Bay Bridge tomorrow and stay at a friend’s house in Centreville MD overnight. On Tuesday he can take me over the bridge on his way to work. Friends are awesome.

Oh yeah the packing!

I procrastinated packing and I still need to make a last minute run to the store in the morning for food and a couple supplies. I was getting a little anxious as I contemplated moving certain items to certain bags, my mom asking if I had this or that, the fact that it was dark and I still didn’t have my clothes figured out. I’m 90% packed now and I appreciate the help from my mom and girlfriend. In the moment I was stressing, but after it’s over (or at least 90% over) it’s all gravy. Oh time for another cliche: this too shall pass.

I would create a packing list, but I’ll save that for a later date. Try to gauge it from the pictures.

The before pile
The organized pile
The packed pile!

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