Hello World – Let’s Go For A Ride

Welcome to the blog. I used to think blogs were a waste of time, but I think I understand one of their purposes now: sharing ideas. Well it looks like I finally have one 🙂

In theory, my idea is to be a point where you can see objectively where and how you might want to explore. I enjoy traveling A LOT. But it can be difficult to find good sources of places to go or sights to see. Of course if you go to the Grand Canyon, you have to take the journey to the bottom (by donkey or other means), but I am often disappointed when I feel like I only got a dog and pony show for the attraction (no pun intended).

There are so many things to see in this world, and there are alternatives to the “traditional” tourism industry. If you go to the Grand Canyon, I want people to know that they can take the tour into the canyon, but if they drive 5 miles down the dirt road, there is an access point that the busloads of tourists don’t ever get to see and it’s got a better view.
Truth be told I have not been to the Grand Canyon, but when I go, I don’t want to be a bus tourist that just signs up for the donkey-tour because the tour company has a deal with the bus company to bring all their tourists there. I enjoy feeling like I created my own adventure, and I didn’t pay for someone else to deliver it to me. There is always a cost to doing something (monetarily or otherwise), but there is a certain satisfaction that I get from exploring the world independently; almost as if I were the first person to set foot there. Don’t get me wrong, I have been on great tours with great tour guides; even tour guides that didn’t speak the same language as me. I will sum up my sentiment with a very cliche expression: The best things in life are free.

So in the spirit of freedom, in a few days, I will be embarking on a journey across the United States using only my legs. Well okay, I will be using my legs to pedal a bicycle; and that bicycle will have a bunch of gear on it, but it sounds better if you say “using only my legs”. It is a dream I have had since I graduated college. Well that was eight years ago and I’m not getting any younger. Children and a mortgage and all the big responsibilities of being an adult may be on the horizon, and it may be now or never for this dream. Based on my injury history, I doubt my knees will hold up into my late 40s, which will probably be the earliest I could accomplish this going the traditional route.

There are a multitude of reasons to do this now:
1) I may not have another opportunity with future responsibilities
2) Uncertainty of future vitality
3) I need a break from my job
4) I am starting a blog and I want it to be interesting from the start

No matter what, I am a believer that everyone should have some sort of pilgrimage at least once in there life. And hopefully by sharing my experiences, you can determine what journey you want to take, if you haven’t already.

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  1. Quite an adventure. Sunsets are worth the time to enjoy. Rest well, my son
    Safe travels tomorrow. Luv ya. CL

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