True Nature – 5 days in Hoover Wilderness

Day 4 – 7/7

We were able to hit the trail fairly early for how late we all stayed up. Before departing we had to make sure the fire was out (entire trees don’t cool down quickly). This was my first time making a fire on soil this shallow. The granite below the fire stays incredibly hot after the fire is out. We poured so much water on the fire pit and every time the soil boiled due to the hot granite beneath. After a few trips to the lake for buckets and bottles full of water, we extinguished our massive fire pit sufficiently to depart the campsite. I was a little sad leaving the camp knowing that I will most likely never be back. It would have been nice to spend more time there. The forest is so vast and full of amazing places, moving from one area to another; you really can’t be disappointed.

The mosquitos appeared to have decreased slightly in abundance for our return hike. Also, Lenny offered me a few of his mosquito wipes (a must have for me now) which virtually eliminated bug bites for the remainder of the day. I was very tired from staying up late the previous night, that the hike out was a bit of a “death march” as someone put it. We didn’t quite make it the entire 11 miles out of the forest and we made camp at Lane Lake. It was very crowded at the main campsite, so we eventually made camp along the opposite side of the lake. I tried my hand at fishing for trout using a dead crawfish (I call them crawfish, the Californians called them Crawdads) but was unable to catch anything. I did “catch” 9 crawfish. I had never caught them before, but they are stupid little crustaceans. I would dangle my bait in front of them in the water and they would grab on and I would fling them out of the water. I didn’t need to hook them at all. Nobody was interested in eating them so I threw them back the next morning (luckily they didn’t eat each other).

[My batteries were all dead by the fourth day so I don’t have any pictures of my own. Hopefully I will acquire them from the guys in the future]

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  1. So this is where you disappeared to! What a great read, Joe. So sorry you didn’t have pictures, but the location descriptions are wonderful. I look forward to reading more. Enjoy the journey.

    1. Hi (I assume) Cheryl. There are some pictures but my camera died on the 4th day. Thank you so much for reading. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully you got a sticker from Allen. He’s my unofficial salesman.

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