Hong Kong during the protests – October 2019

In the previous post, as I praised the variety of things to do in Hong Kong, I failed to mention the current protests.

Hong Kong is a very safe place to begin with, and it’s a shame that some of the protests have turned violent. We did see some protesters and evidence of vandalism. However the media in China and the US appears to overinflate much of the protest activities (surprise).

Graffiti was the most common form of vandalism
Ticket kiosk in the subway – most protests and vandalism are occurring around the subway stations

While we were in Hong Kong, from Tuesday until Friday, everything appeared calm. We departed Hong Kong on Friday (protests have generally escalated on the weekends) so we probably missed the larger demonstrations. I also have a friend living in Hong Kong who said that he has felt safe throughout the protests.

The only protests we encountered were peaceful. The news coverage seemed to repeat a few clips of vandalism to make things look worse than they really are. That is not to downplay the fact that a few people have been injured or died in the conflicts. Hopefully everything can be resolved peacefully moving forward.

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