The Bluebird family – new residents

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Last year I built a birdhouse specifically for bluebirds as a gift for my wife. A family of birds moved in last Spring, but they were not bluebirds and unfortunately the mother bird abandoned the nest and the baby birds did not survive. However

Meet The Blues

This Spring we are fortunate enough to have a bluebird family residing in the house. We will call them the Blue Family. We first noticed the pair of birds about a month ago when they were scouting out the vacant property.

Since then we have observed the bluebird family periodically from the window and while walking outside. Yesterday my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to peek inside for a second. I am happy to report that there are at least three baby birds and the parents are working non-stop to feed them. Bluebirds are “family birds” and we have seen both parents frequently leaving and returning to the birdhouse with food.

Today’s footage

Male bluebird returning home with supplies – half-speed

I intend to document their activities over the next few weeks. Baby birds are apparently ready to leave the nest after just two weeks and it would be interesting to follow their development.

Perhaps I am pleased with one of my woodworking projects working out as intended, or maybe it’s a way of entertaining myself while our state remains in lockdown.  Either way, I hope you will follow along and check in on the Bluebird Family periodically as the season goes on.


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