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Male bluebird perched on Maple branch right - 06-01-2020
Male bluebird perch on a tree

In April 2020, a pair of bluebirds took up residence in the birdhouse built the previous winter.

We named the Bluebird family: “The Blues” and we are documenting their activities on a semi-daily basis via the Bluebird Blog.

There were five fledglings in the original brood, which all successfully fled the nest after about 18 days. Since the first brood, more Bluebirds (we will call the extended Blues family) have migrated to the area and also resided in the nestbox.

After two successful broods in 2020, sadly we changed residences which meant that we were no longer able to monitor the original bluebird family. However after building a new birdhouse at our new residence, we quickly received new residents for the 2021 season. For simplicity, we continue to refer to our bluebird neighbors as “The Blues”.

Most recent video


the best pictures I have been able to conjur up thus far


Brood 1: Hatched May 10, fledged May 28 (5 fledglings) 2020

5 eggs, 5 hatched, all survived

Brood 2: Hatched June 26, fledged July 14ish 2020

4 eggs, 4 hatched, all survived

Brood 3: April 25 – May 27 2021

5 eggs, 3 hatched, 2 survived


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