The Blue Family – Part 6 – Little Blues


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The fledglings are not so little anymore. At approximately 2 1/2 weeks old, the babies will most likely depart the nest in the next few days. They are very loud whenever the parents are nearby. Now several of the fledglings will stick their head out of the nestbox entrance in an attempt to be the first to reach the food.

Fledgling opening mouth as adult Bluebird arrives at nestbox - 5-25-2020
Open wide – Papa Blue arrives at the nestbox

Open House

We opened the nestbox this weekend and there are actually five fledglings. They sort of blend together in the nest, but if you look closely, you can see five little birds:

Opening the nestbox for the “first” time
From above – The five baby Blues in the nestbox

That was not an egg

To update the previous post, the white “egg” we saw in the video was not an egg, but a fecal sac; the equivalent of a dirty diaper…for birds. The sacs are essentially poorly digested food. At least the baby birds are nice enough to deposit them near the nestbox entrance. Ah Nature! Ok I digress.

Feed Me!

The not-so-little fledglings now stick their heads out of the entrance for food. The adults (mostly Papa) are working harder than ever to feed them. However the larger they grow, the higher the demand for food. Good thing the fledglings are about on schedule to leave the nest within a few days. At almost 3 weeks old, they should be departing the nestbox soon.

Male Bluebird at nestbox - 5/25/2020
Papa Blue looks a little stressed out after 2+ weeks of non-stop food delivery
Bluebird fledglings opening mouths for food - 5-25-2020
Hungry fledglings just before dad arrives with a meal
Male bluebird flying away from nestbox with fledgelings - 5-25-2020
What’s for dessert? – Papa Blue departs the nestbox in search of more food

Lily first spotted the fledglings sticking their heads (and mouths) out of the nestbox a couple of days ago. Since then, it has been very easy to see them in action. Every 5 minutes or so, a few of the five mouths open up at the edge of the nestbox entrance awaiting a meal. It’s reminiscent of The Little Shop of Horrors or the Demogorgon from Stranger Things. The competition for food is fierce.

More Pictures

I got some better photo opportunities today since the babies are sticking their heads out (click to zoom in).

What’s next?

Hopefully we can catch the fledglings testing their wings in the next few days. We haven’t seen any of them actually leave the nest yet. I’m not sure if they will all leave at the same time or gradually.


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  1. Great pictures and video. I’m excited to see them fly. I hope you will be able to catch it.

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