The Blue Family – Part 5 – Is that an egg?

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The fledglings should be about two weeks old now and they are audibly louder whenever the adults bring food to the nestbox. I haven’t seen Mama around the nextbox for a few days, only Papa to provide food. More on that after the video…

Today’s video

Actually yesterday’s video

Is that an egg?

The last clip in the video you may notice that Papa Blue picked up a white object out of the nest and then flew away with it. It looked like an egg (although bluebird eggs typically have a light-blue color).

I have a hunch that Mama Blue has started a new nest at a nearby tree; that would explain her recent absence. Bluebirds normally have several broods in a season, so I suppose Mama Blue has already laid eggs for her second brood. I’m sure there isn’t enough room in the nestbox for 3-4 fledglings and more eggs. Perhaps Papa is relocating the eggs to a new nest while the fledglings finish their development in the nestbox.

Where are the baby birds?

I didn’t get to open the box yesterday or today. It’s been raining all day and I don’t want to disturb the family while they are sheltered from the rain. Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow and we can catch the fledglings on camera before they venture out on their own.


Audubon – Eastern Bluebird Info

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  1. Very interesting. I didn’t realize the birds would have several broods requiring additional nests. I look forward to seeing pictures of the fledglings!

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