The Blue Family – Part 4 – Sounds like the Blues

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After a change to a new camera location closer to the nestbox, we can now hear some of the activities going on around the Blue’s residence. No surprise most of the noise is coming from the baby birds chirping for food each time one of the adults returns.

The camera is now located close enough to pick up some intimate sounds of the Blues including wing fluttering and chirping (by the adults too). You may need to turn up the volume a bit if you watch the video below.

You might have to increase the volume to hear clearly – poor editing on my part

Speaking of the babies, they are certainly getting louder. It is much easier to hear them, even from a distance. With the adults visiting every 5-10 minutes with something to eat, the fledglings chirp as soon as they land.

It’s very easy to look inside of the nestbox and view the fledglings now since they have grown substantially in the last week. The fledglings are about 10 days old now. The weather last week was pretty bad with rain, wind, and cold temperatures. However I think everyone in the Blue family made it through.

Hopefully in the next video/post, we can take a peek into the nestbox to check on the progress of the fledgelings. I wasn’t able to get many good pictures the other day, but I changed the camera angle yet again for an even better view. The pictures should be more detailed this week.

Male Bluebird changing directions - 5-18-2020
Male Bluebird changing directions near the nestbox

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