The Blue Family – Part 3 – What’s for Lunch?

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It’s green and wiggly…and it probably would have become a butterfly.

…if not for Papa. I’m getting a “circle of life” vibe watching this family work to feed their family. It’s another day filled with non-stop gathering of food to feed the fledglings.

Male Bluebird approaching nest box with food - 5-13-2020
Papa Blue returning to the next box

Thanks to a new camera angle, it’s easier to see what exactly the parents are bringing home to eat. As expected, their diet is full of insects. They have completely ignored the seeds we left for them in the last post.

Late this morning, Papa arrived with a mouthful. He has been moving back and forth between the nest and his “hunting grounds”, each time with a similar snack for the family. I am interested to know what he has to eat in this video. If you think you can guess what he has in the video for lunch, try submitting your answer in the comments either here or on in the video. The best answer will receive a shiny Explores Inc. sticker as a prize.

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