The Blue Family – Part 8 – The Blues are back

The Blues are Back in Town

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After the first brood fled the nest last week (which we unfortunately did not witness), it looked like the bluebird family was gone for good. Maybe The Blues Family told their extended family to join them; maybe the bird calls are more noticeable after following them for a few weeks, but there are bluebirds everywhere now. Late Spring is certainly the busy season for most birds.

Now there is at least one nest in a nearby tree (possibly the same pair that we followed before) and they have fledglings. We have only seen the male bluebird (constantly searching for food again) and we have only heard the fledglings; no visual on the nest.

Yesterday I was going to clean out the Blue’s old nestbox but I noticed a smaller male bluebird checking it out. He was either cleaning it out to make his own, or disappointed that it was so dirty and moved on. I will give him a few more days to make a decision before I clean it out. Maybe another family will move in with an existing nest in the box.

One more thing. Speaking of bird calls, I downloaded the BirdNET app which identifies bird calls. It’s been amazingling accurate so far.

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