The Blue Family – Part 12 – The straggler

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The last few weeks have been very busy. I haven’t had the time to document brood #2 much. They fledged earlier than expected (after about 16 days) so I missed my second chance to capture them fledging.

Learn to fly!

When I had a chance to set up the camera, one baby bird was still in the nestbox (aka the runt). He/she developed slower and needed an extra day or two to learn to fly.

The adult male was still bringing food to the baby. However after the adult left the nestbox, he would hang around for a few minutes attempting to get the last fledgling to leave the nest.

All gone

When I returned one week after the video, the nestbox was empty so we will assume the last bird flew successfully. I suppose the last fledgling departed later in the day, but I failed to catch any fledglings taking flight again.

Another bittersweet ending

Yeah. Once again we missed the birds leaving. I knew I didn’t have a great chance as my wife and I recently bought a house (an hour away) and during the the first few weeks of ownership we have been working to fix it up. So not only have we been busy with that, but the bluebirds and I are not even at the same residence at the moment.

In the winter we will move the nestbox to the new residence. Therefore this will most likely conclude any updates on the Blues family for the 2020 season.

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