The Blues – It looks like they fledged

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A couple of days ago I checked on the nest to take another picture of the baby birds. I figured this may be the last picture I take of them before they fledged.

The nestbox is too high for me to see into, but I can reach the camera over the top of the nestbox to take a picture. So I took a few pictures and when I looked at them, only 1 of the 3 birds was left.

“I guess 2 of the 3 have fledged already” I thought. That was quick. Only about 15 days.

Nature Takes its Course

On second glance, the single remaining bird didn’t look so good. It looked like it had developed well, so I imagine all 3 fledglings developed the same. It was amazing how much blue feathers were present since the last photo a few days earlier. I took the nestbox off of the tree to check for sure.

But sadly, one of the three fledglings did not make it to see the world outside of the nestbox. We are not sure what happened. It doesn’t appear to be predation. Maybe it was injured when the other two birds fledged.

Looking on the Bright Side

We did not witness the other two birds fledging, but we will assume that they were able to make it out of the nestbox safely.

Perhaps we were spoiled with the success of the two broods from the 2020 season since all of the fledglings were able to leave the nestbox. This year, only 3 of the 5 eggs hatched and only 2 survived.

Hopefully we will have more Bluebird visitors later this season. Maybe Harvey and Sharon will return.

Harvey and Sharon tending to the baby birds a few days before fledging

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  1. Sorry you weren’t able to get a picture of the two that fledged and sad the one didn’t make it. I’ve enjoyed your bird watching and look forward to the next brood.

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