The Blues – All 5 eggs

Fast Development

The last egg was laid on April 28th (give or take a day). So, if the current “clutch” of eggs are on schedule, they could hatch as early as today. More than likely, the newest additions to the Blue’s family will hatch within the next few days.

Five eggs from the first brood of 2021
All five eggs from the first 2021 brood

Incubation time is typically around 2 weeks. The adults (Harvey and Sharon) were very active up until the last few days; finding food for each other. They may have been trying to fatten Sharon up so that she can spend most of her time sitting on the eggs as they get closer to hatching.


Sharon is quite sedentary now and is spending most of her time patiently sitting on her eggs. When the eggs were new, she would be out and about more with Harvey. As we get closer to hatching, she is more reluctant to leave home.

We are able to walk very close to the nestbox before she considers flying away. Maybe she has just become more comfortable with our presence.

Check back soon to see how the hatching goes and to follow the baby birds as they develop.

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