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It’s a new year and Spring has sprung.  You know what that means?  It’s time for the birds to find a new home for the season.

I’ve made this easy with the Blue Family Nestbox 2.0; featuring improved ventilation, superior rain protection, and quality building materials.

Nestbox 2.0 on a mild morning in May

After a successful bluebird observation in 2020, we decided to woo another bluebird family into Nestbox 2.0 at our new residence.  The new nestbox is made entirely of cedar for rot resistance.  I wanted to leave it unpainted for the health of the occupants and for the natural look.


It didn’t take long for some potential buyers to show up.  Apparently, the hot housing market is not restricted to humans.  The day after I built the nestbox, a few bluebirds were already checking it out.  I was pleased that tours of the residence were already taking place, but it was more exciting to see that the majority of the visitors were bluebirds and not something else (especially starlings).

A few other types of birds visited the nestbox, but eventually a pair of bluebirds built a nest a few days after their first visit.  Fortunately we didn’t see any starlings (a competitor to the bluebird) checking out the box.  That was a relief because there are plenty of starlings in the neighborhood.

About a week after building the nest, I inspected the box to find two blue eggs.  A few days later: five eggs.  And a few days after that… still five eggs.  She can only fit so many in there!  Just like last year, five eggs and hopefully five baby birds in roughly 10 days.

Two bluebird eggs in Nestbox 2.0 – picture taken April 25th

Bird Names

We decided to name the adult birds Harvey and Sharon.  Both names were a joke at first, but they stuck.  So check back soon to see how Harvey and Sharon’s first brood of the season turns out.

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