The Blue Family – Part 9 – Out with the old, in with the new

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Quick update today.

It looks like the “new” bluebird pair has made the nestbox their home for the foreseeable future. I say “new” because it may be the original pair from last month.

A New Brood Awaits

In today’s video, the male bluebird visits the female in the nestbox. We presume she is sitting on egg(s) and they are preparing for the next brood.

Last week we opened the nestbox and found only 1 egg. Later we found two eggs on the ground that had been cracked. After some research by the wife, we found out the the mother birds may actually eat egg shells from previous broods for nutrition. Assuming this is occurring, the pair is likely preparing for another clutch of eggs.

This pair of bluebirds (even if they are the original pair) are a little more cautious than the original Blues. Maybe they are sick of me pointing cameras at them. I’m keeping my distance and I’m sure they will grow to enjoy my company.

We’ll check later this week (when the adults aren’t around) to see if the there is indeed a second brood on the way.

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